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Performing routine maintenance is the best way to protect the investment in your swimming pool. Tuxedo Pools offers year round maintenance. Tuxedo Pools Inc has specialized in weekly pool maintenance since 1987. Our full service maintenance contract ensures that you will never have to look at your swimming pool as an unwanted chore.

Routine Maintenance Contract

Tuxedo Pools Inc is one of Atlanta’s premier pool companies. We provide year-round service to hundreds of pool owners in the Atlanta-metro area. A qualified, uniformed technician will perform a weekly maintenance program that includes the following services:

The cost for weekly service from $45 to $55, not including chemicals. Chemicals usually run from $50.00 to $100.00 per month depending on the weather and the type of system installed. We are servicing pools in your neighborhood daily and would like to extend benefits to you that your neighbors have been enjoying for years.

In addition to weekly maintenance, Tuxedo Pools Inc offers pool openings, closings, and monthly winter service (while the pool is closed).